And with our Joan of Arc, @jayna, leading the 50 Word Story charge against…um…larger and more verbose stories (kind of lost the metaphor a bit), we’re moving on to the next prompt in her 50 Word Story Challenge.

Now we are offered the prompt word: tear.

Some may recognize the story title as the name of an 80s pop band, Tear for Fears. (Man, don’t go looking for photos of favorite pop bands from the 80s on Google; it’s slightly depressing to see how much they’ve aged over that … 30 or 40 year span. Damn.). Anyway, one of my favorite bands from so very long ago. Although the band has nothing to do with the story itself, I did get to use ‘tear’ twice in the story. So that’s a win for me.


It was like a tear in the space-time continuum. The end was nigh. What had she been working for all this time? What had she gained?

She stared at her shaking hands.

“No. I will be strong.” She looked in the oven again, shedding a tear for her collapsed souffle.


Title by @negativer using Canva and image from Pixabay.
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