Landwhale Travel Tales – St. Augustine, FL (Part 1)

I've found that when you start to feel old, the trick is to hang around people or things that are older than you. St. Augustine, FL, for instance, is the oldest city in the United States, and thus older than me. I'm okay with that. This past weekend, in the middle of March (which also is South Florida's spring break period), we managed to snag

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First Sunrise of 2019

Ok, not actually the first sunrise of 2019. It's January 18th, so there have probably been at least 17 sunrises prior to this morning. That said, I'm breaking my long (in internet time) hiatus from posting to ... post a sunrise. Not surprisingly, it's taken at a beach near our home in South Florida. Unrelatedly, it's nice to be alive. Amidst all the transient ebb

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Twilights and Sunrises

So I'm sitting here working, deleting rows out of a database and waiting for the database server to catch up. Might as well write a steemit post, right? Historically, I've been treating my steemit posts as some major epiphany, some display of amazingness that I need to share with the world. With the price of steemit fairly low and the activity on the blockchain (or

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