First Sunrise of 2019

Ok, not actually the first sunrise of 2019. It's January 18th, so there have probably been at least 17 sunrises prior to this morning. That said, I'm breaking my long (in internet time) hiatus from posting to ... post a sunrise. Not surprisingly, it's taken at a beach near our home in South Florida. Unrelatedly, it's nice to be alive. Amidst all the transient ebb

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Sometimes in Discord, especially when you get a group of writers together, the chat can randomly go off the rails. Discussions on Italian weddings, sweaty feet, orange Calabrians, time travel, bananas, and butterflies merge together into one sweet dance. But all good things must come to an end, and the discussion trickles off and ends. My lament on that in our channel (which happened to

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Beer Brewing vs Productivity

For the first time since coming back to Florida in mid August, and the first time since having left Florida back at the beginning of June, I am brewing beer. The goal here is a fairly strong IPA along the lines of Founders Centennial IPA. I've always been a fan of Centennial hops, and I have a bunch in my freezer to use up. Beer

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Summer Travels, Overgrown Landscaping, and Looking Forward

After some 30 hours of driving from Wisconsin to Florida, through wind and sun and heavy rain and avoiding a plethora of terrible drivers and not avoiding a lot of bad traffic, the wife and I arrived in Florida for our seasonal (August through May) escapades in the humid lands of the Florida peninsula. It's always a bit interesting to return to something familiar after

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I’m Not Ragequitting…I’m Just Busy

With the price of steem hovering near a dollar, it's an easy thing for people to stop putting the work into steemit with the apparent value of the rewards so low. I know it's been almost a week since I've posted. I wish I could say I'm intentionally avoiding steemit, and no longer care about creating content. I wish I could say I was salty

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Pirates, T-shirts, and Delayed Gift Opening

One of my favorite people on steemit, @dreemsteem, had a pirate/treasure hunting series on steemit several months ago. You'd go around and read people's posts and find certain little nuggets in there and win prizes. And talk like a pirate. I'm sure there was more to it, but that's the general thrust. Anyway, I won a prize in her treasure hunt. She asked me what

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Don’t Run :: 50 Word Story Challenge

While @jayna is down in Tennessee at the first Writer's Block meetup, the rest of us have to console ourselves with contributing to her 50 Word Story Challenge. This time around we have the prompt of: run. I'm not going to profess to have any specific experience regarding the following story. Just so we're clear on that.   My first presentation to the board. My

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Hail In July :: Wisconsin Weather Weirdness

I don't have any depressing stories or semi-interesting photography or pictures of beer today. All I have is hail. We had a massive storm roll through the middle of Wisconsin (USA) Friday (yesterday). A humid, hot, gray day suddenly turned into a massively windy, rainy day. And then came the hail. I've never seen hail in summer, in the middle of June. Some the size

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Beer Review :: Gouden Carolus Quad :: Cuvee of the Emperor

I am a fan of good beer. When I saw this bottle sitting on the shelf at my local Trader Joe's amidst their own knockoff beers and contract brews, I grabbed it. It wasn't cheap, but still, a large bomber of beer like this for $8USD is not bad. That's roughly what you'd pay for a small glass of it at the bar. Style: Belgian

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