Beer Review :: Fantasy Factory :: IPA

There comes a time in every man's beer drinking life that he must ignore the label on the bottle entirely and just enjoy the beer for what it is. This is one of those times. Karben4's Fantasy Factory IPA has one of the most intentionally weird labels I've ever seen on a bottle. Sporting a fire-breathing unicorn being ridden by a cat holding a gun,

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Exploring Colorado :: Day 1

Whew. I'm still recovering from my week's vacation last week in Denver and other higher elevations west of there. Initially, I had illusions that would do some writing while on vacation, but that never materialized. I tried to abandon my laptop as much as possible in order to partake of outdoor activities and beer-related activities. I'm not going to show any photos of airports and

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Beer Review :: Gouden Carolus Quad :: Cuvee of the Emperor

I am a fan of good beer. When I saw this bottle sitting on the shelf at my local Trader Joe's amidst their own knockoff beers and contract brews, I grabbed it. It wasn't cheap, but still, a large bomber of beer like this for $8USD is not bad. That's roughly what you'd pay for a small glass of it at the bar. Style: Belgian

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