As is my wont, I plan on milking my vacation to Colorado last week for steemit post fodder. I don’t like posting crap, so I will try and be creative and interesting in my use of my memories and photography.

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

This time, we have a photo from the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, which is a beautiful botanical garden tucked away high in the mountains of Vail, CO. It’s slightly tricky to find, actually, as the garden is located behind a lodge and the only entrance is through a small road between two buildings that is not heavily advertised.

This set of creepy huts is actually stickwork sculptures by the artist Patrick Dougherty. It’s cool because I’ve actually seen his work before at a museum in central Wisconsin, where he sculpted similar shapes on the grounds of the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum.

I admit I tried to make the photo look extra creepy, but it does a pretty good job of it on its own without my help.


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