Holy cow. I’ve somehow fallen into a routine of posting on steemit…once a week. It used to be daily.

Am I that swayed by the price of steem, and is that really all I was here for? Maybe so. I don’t think anyone can make a judgment on character if it were true. Often we have to make decisions about the value of our time and what we’re willing to do with the limited number of minutes we have in a day. Spoon theory comes in to play as well. Not to mention it’s somewhat disappointing to watch the invisible fruits of 14 months worth of effort be whittled down to a pittance. I see that regularly enough with my paycheck once the government has had its way with it.

Part of it is that steemit is a constant reminder of my relative lack of success in the crypto space in general. After the crazy spikes in December and January, during which the smart people sold and the reluctant would hodl, my crypto pile is a fraction of what it once was, and I’m reluctant to throw more good money after bad.

A positive turn in the markets might make me feel better about things. Maybe I’ll have to wait until December or January. Until then, all I can do is post words and pictures when I have the time and willpower. Such as this beautiful pool full of yellow water lilies, taken during a recent trip to Denver.

Lilies. No frogs.


Photo by @negativer