Original bathroom, prior to doing anything in particular.

One does not simply remodel a bathroom. It’s a long, terrible journey filled with moistness, odd smells, and physical contortions heretofore previously unknown.

I embarked on a remodel of my RV bathroom starting last month. Post one, two, and three offer more information than you care to know.

The overall project was to replace the plastic toilet with a more suitable ceramic throne, replace the old counter top, replace the yellow plastic sink and cheesy old faucet, and replace the shower door/frame which had long since disintegrated into a flopping mass of plastic.

After much research and buying of parts on Ebay and Amazon, and much subsequent work, the bathroom is….mostly finished. As any DIYer knows, most projects are kind of always in a state of mostly finished. Mostly because there’s always something more to be done.

Specifically, I still need to cover up the pipe-and-hose stuff behind the toilet. I’m leaving it open for now so I can keep an eye on any potential leaks.

Toilet is in! I have not yet christened it, but I soon will. Sink and countertop fit in nicely.

The hardest part here (other than cutting the laminate slab down to size) was finding the appropriate wall gasket to use around the perimeter.

Motherflaggin’ shower door! I’ve yet to use the shower in the RV, but at least the shower door is no longer some flappy wreck of plastic that has to be zip-tied to itself so it doesn’t fall over and impale a hapless toilet-user.

All in all, it turned out well. I will be using it for a 3 day weekend trip this weekend to North Dakota. Assuming I’m not covered in poop and pee when I return, I will count it a success.

Images by @negativer
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