One of my favorite people on steemit, @dreemsteem, had a pirate/treasure hunting series on steemit several months ago. You’d go around and read people’s posts and find certain little nuggets in there and win prizes. And talk like a pirate. I’m sure there was more to it, but that’s the general thrust.

Anyway, I won a prize in her treasure hunt. She asked me what prize from her giant pile of prize loot I might want. Seeing as how I’m a t-shirt and shorts kind of guy, I went with the pirate t-shirt.

She then mailed me the t-shirt in a nice padded enveloped, which I received.

I then held onto the package, not opening it.

I told myself I wanted to open it when I would wear the shirt, and then I could take pictures and make a little thank-you post to the nice lady that sent me the shirt.

All of this was back in March. So, like, 5 months ago.

I only just opened the gift now.

I’m a terrible person.

And yet, this is not the first time this has happened. I do this with Christmas gifts too, and birthday gifts. Some things I use right away, but other things I keep in my closet or garage unused. And then when the time is right, I use it. It’s like a whole new Christmas, a whole new receiving of the gift. Sometimes I discover gifts I’ve forgotten, stuffed in a drawer or hidden under the bed. My birthday all over again!

So that’s my excuse.

Now, to be be clear, I opened the package, and the shirt is in my hands. Any bets as to how long it will take me to actually wear it?

I’m sure this is a selfie. @dreemsteem makes for an attractive pirate.