Ok. So I did a couple posts already related to my trip to Disneyworld, and even one about the Avatar ride (and the long wait to get on the ride.). I even touched on how nice their park set design is.

But now, for the final milking of my trip, I will make a post solely of photos I took of the theme park ‘foliage’ and ‘plant life.’ I tried to avoid getting any people into the shots for obvious reasons (nobody wants to see people).

We’ll start off with a closeup of the material they’ve wound around all the railings. Also makes an interesting cover image for this post.

And the huge rock formation that towers over the entire park. Hard to judge scale without people, but you’ll have to imagine it.

The towering arches roll off into the distance. Weird creatures float atop the waters.

I don’t even know what any of these plants are, but they’re beautiful. And fake.

The tubular plant thing is pretty awesome. I wish they had made it animatronic.

Little alcoves and hidden venues for water and fake plant life abound.

I like the little cup flowers. Seems like they wouldn’t mind biting off a finger.

So tranquil and peaceful. Too bad there’s nowhere to spread out and relax with a picnic.

Walking under the massive stone arch.

The final silhouette of the dying sun through the arch monolith thing.

Pretty darn cool, if I do say so myself.


Photos by @negativer.
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