Recently, I wrote a ‘Part 1’ post about my desk build for my Landwhale (RV).

The goal there was to offer a work surface where I could put my laptop (or even a full-size computer) and do work. Or writing. Or watching my crypto investments drop further into the toilet. All from the flexible traveling comfort of my work-in-progress Landwhale.

We had this big, open space where I had removed the original ‘booth’ style table and benches. I wanted a nice, big, solid flat REMOVABLE desk to use here.

Big space (relatively speaking) where we normally just pile our traveling stuff while we travel. I wanted it to be more useful.

You can see the relative space available. The little square hump down there is the outdoor radio/cassette player. All that had been hidden under the original bench seat. A peek back towards the fridge. The long white hump is the front of the rear wheel well. Gotta cover that up so it looks kinda pretty, so I had built out the white ‘box’ over it some time ago, which gives us a small shell to put square stuff.

Step 1 – Affix French Cleats

The tricky part with RV walls are that you don’t have wood studs to screw into. Sometimes you can find the aluminum frame with your screws, sometimes you have to rely on the thin veneer of Luan or Filon. I attached the cleat to the walls in several spots, then attached the ‘mate’ to each to the back and side of the desk.

Step 2 – See If Its Level

Since I only have one cleat on the side (the left side doesn’t touch the wall since the passenger side chair is in the way, and I also want to leave room for the chair to recline), I am going to install a folding leg on that corner. I’m using the buckets to hold that corner up while I get it all level.

Nice and tight to the wall, nice and level. Now I know how long my table leg needs to be.

Step 3 – Affix Table Leg and Folding Leg Bracket

Here’s the table leg I stained and polyurethaned from a chunk of 2″ square pine. I left it extra long so I could cut it down.

And the folding leg bracket! The black-tipped lever allows it to swing and fold flat under the desk surface since one important feature of this desk is that it be REMOVABLE. So, the entire desk surface can be lifted up and off the cleats, and the leg folded under it, and the whole thing stowed flat up against the wall.

Finished! Leg is nice and straight, desk is level and strong, and we now have a convenient place to store our ladder for the overhead bunk.

Step 4 – Get Chairs

Finished off with a couple chairs that won’t slide or roll around, and a nice aqua-colored rug to match the bright colors of the RV’s exterior.

Step 5 – Just Add Cats

Easy, right?
The kitties certainly think so. I added some ‘rug gripper’ to the tabletop to use while traveling so the kitties could jump or walk on it without slipping. Nothing worse than taking a nap and have a sharp right turn fling you out into open space.



Photos by @negativer
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