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Cult of Florida :: The Koreshans of South Florida

Recently, the wife and I had an opportunity to take our Landwhale out to camp near Fort Myers, FL. We camped at Koreshan State Park, named as such due to the fact that it was the former homestead of the Koreshan Unity, founded by Cyrus

Crab Death in the Red Tides

This past weekend, the wife and I visited the opposite (west) side of Florida for a couple days in our Landwhale (RV). The beaches there have been mostly abandoned for months now as they suffer the impact of red tides. Without going too far into

A Hot Mess :: 50 Word Short Story

And lo, @jayna offers us a new prompt in her 50 Word Short Story Challenge. This time around, we're offered the prompt of: chocolate     Finally. Evie’s mom put down the chocolate bar. Evie stared at it. It called, beckoning from the kitchen counter.

Beer, 10 Days Later

Ah, even a slight rise in the fickle fickleness of crypto is enough to compel me to make a post. This time, I'm showing off my batch of beer which was started 10 days ago (September 2nd). After a week and a half of fermentation,