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Beer, 10 Days Later

Ah, even a slight rise in the fickle fickleness of crypto is enough to compel me to make a post. This time, I'm showing off my batch of beer which was started 10 days ago (September 2nd). After a week and a half of fermentation,


Sometimes in Discord, especially when you get a group of writers together, the chat can randomly go off the rails. Discussions on Italian weddings, sweaty feet, orange Calabrians, time travel, bananas, and butterflies merge together into one sweet dance. But all good things must come

Beer Brewing vs Productivity

For the first time since coming back to Florida in mid August, and the first time since having left Florida back at the beginning of June, I am brewing beer. The goal here is a fairly strong IPA along the lines of Founders Centennial IPA.

The Quick and the Deed :: 50 Word Short Story

I've missed out on the last couple weeks of 50 Word prompts offered by the tireless @jayna. One wouldn't think it would be difficult to find time to write 50 words. One would be wrong. Onwards we march! This time, we are offered the prompt