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Beer Review :: Fantasy Factory :: IPA

There comes a time in every man's beer drinking life that he must ignore the label on the bottle entirely and just enjoy the beer for what it is. This is one of those times. Karben4's Fantasy Factory IPA has one of the most intentionally

The Eyes Have It :: Quaking Aspen :: monomad

In an attempt to get over the mild doldrums of a return from vacation, I'm looking at...vacation photos. I'm not sure if there is any sound logic or proper psychology at play there, but it helps me remember that I did stuff. Some of it

Needs Work :: 50 Word Short Story

And with @jayna cooling her heels in sunny California, the rest of the 50 word camp toils away in the depths of the steemit blockchain dungeons. We pick away at the walls of our prison in the hopes a glorious 50 word nugget might spill