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Elections are Finally Over…Time to Move On

For those in the USA, we've been inundated with election information. Commercials on tv, flyers in the mail, Facebook posts aggressively promoting their candidate and tearing down the other. But as of Tuesday, it's all over. The voting is over. All the signs and billboards

Now That Everyone is Away at Steemfest…

Is this the time we can party and burn the place down? One wonders what blockchain activity looks like when all the power players are off in Poland enjoying each others company and imbibing in mass quantities of liquor. Does all the schmoozing result in

Twilights and Sunrises

So I'm sitting here working, deleting rows out of a database and waiting for the database server to catch up. Might as well write a steemit post, right? Historically, I've been treating my steemit posts as some major epiphany, some display of amazingness that I

Netcoins and Grassroots Efforts

It seems this whole Netcoins thing is getting some grassroots push from people with skin in the game that'd like to get steem listed on Netcoins. For those in the dark, they're holding a contest to get Netcoins listed. Steem is currently in third place,

The October Murders :: 50 Word Short Story

And in the midst of a multitude of distractions, @jayna wields her multitasking skills to offer us a new prompt in her 50 Word Short Story Challenge. This time around, we're offered the prompt of: pumpkin         It's hard to carve a

Cult of Florida :: The Koreshans of South Florida

Recently, the wife and I had an opportunity to take our Landwhale out to camp near Fort Myers, FL. We camped at Koreshan State Park, named as such due to the fact that it was the former homestead of the Koreshan Unity, founded by Cyrus