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Landwhale Travel Tales – St. Augustine, FL (Part 1)

I've found that when you start to feel old, the trick is to hang around people or things that are older than you. St. Augustine, FL, for instance, is the oldest city in the United States, and thus older than me. I'm okay with that.

Landwhale Travel Tales – Medieval Times

And though the price of steem may rise and fall, the value of a memory remains the same. Let's invest in memories! The most stable currency available. A couple weeks ago, the wife and I bought some memories at Medieval Times, near Orlando in South

Camping in Style – Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground

Ok, sometimes my Landwhale likes to roll around in the mud, and sometimes it wants to mix in with the fancy six-figure land yachts of the rich and famous. Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground offers plenty of chances for the latter, and it's far too clean

No Snow in South Florida – Walking around Green Cay

While the rest of the USA is covered under a blanket of snow or sitting in the ditch after just sliding off the highway, I'm walking around nature preserves in South Florida. Yes, this counts as showing off. It's been raining a lot lately, which

First Sunrise of 2019

Ok, not actually the first sunrise of 2019. It's January 18th, so there have probably been at least 17 sunrises prior to this morning. That said, I'm breaking my long (in internet time) hiatus from posting to ... post a sunrise. Not surprisingly, it's taken

Trapper Keeper :: 50 Word Short Story

Prompted this morning by @jayna's prompting, I promptly assembled a story for her 50 Word Short Story Contest with the prompt of 'bells'. I've been remiss in my entries as of late, but since I have a slow period this morning in my work day