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The End of Imaginary Friends :: Chapter 1

This is an entry for @thewritersblock First Chapter contest, where the first chapter of a novel is submitted as the entry. This chapter is the first from my in-progress novel The End of Imaginary Friends. The novel was inspired by one of my short stories

Summer Travels, Overgrown Landscaping, and Looking Forward

After some 30 hours of driving from Wisconsin to Florida, through wind and sun and heavy rain and avoiding a plethora of terrible drivers and not avoiding a lot of bad traffic, the wife and I arrived in Florida for our seasonal (August through May)

I’m Not Ragequitting…I’m Just Busy

With the price of steem hovering near a dollar, it's an easy thing for people to stop putting the work into steemit with the apparent value of the rewards so low. I know it's been almost a week since I've posted. I wish I could

Fallen :: 50 Word Short Story

On the eve of my minor landwhale adventure to the great wasteland of North Dakota this weekend, I still found time to assemble a submission to @jayna's ever popular 50 Word Story Challenge. This time around, she challenges us with a simple little noun: lemon

Pirates, T-shirts, and Delayed Gift Opening

One of my favorite people on steemit, @dreemsteem, had a pirate/treasure hunting series on steemit several months ago. You'd go around and read people's posts and find certain little nuggets in there and win prizes. And talk like a pirate. I'm sure there was more

RV Bathroom Remodel :: Part 4 :: The Final Part

Original bathroom, prior to doing anything in particular. One does not simply remodel a bathroom. It's a long, terrible journey filled with moistness, odd smells, and physical contortions heretofore previously unknown. I embarked on a remodel of my RV bathroom starting last month. Post one,