With the price of steem hovering near a dollar, it’s an easy thing for people to stop putting the work into steemit with the apparent value of the rewards so low. I know it’s been almost a week since I’ve posted.

I wish I could say I’m intentionally avoiding steemit, and no longer care about creating content.

I wish I could say I was salty about the price of crypto in general, and all the invisible money I’ve lost over the past year has kept me away from the crypto-taint of steemit.

I wish I could say I’m independently wealthy through my own clever means, and no longer need the approval of upvotes on my content.

The facts are less dramatic. I’m just really busy right now. Lots of travel, lots of work-related stuff, and I’m about to head back to Florida from Wisconsin in just a couple days. I also just returned from a family reunion in North Dakota.

Unrelatedly, North Dakota is a big, empty, flat state of nothing in particular.

Since no steemit post is complete without a picture, here’s a picture I took while traveling through North Dakota at night, when my eyes were starting to check out for the day and my mind had long since retired for the evening. I admit, you have to look really close to see there’s nothing at all for miles around.

The beauty of North Dakota at night.

So. I’m not ragequitting. Yet.