I don’t have any depressing stories or semi-interesting photography or pictures of beer today.

All I have is hail.

We had a massive storm roll through the middle of Wisconsin (USA) Friday (yesterday). A humid, hot, gray day suddenly turned into a massively windy, rainy day.

And then came the hail.

I’ve never seen hail in summer, in the middle of June. Some the size of marbles, it came down from the sky for several minutes. I moved our car underneath a tree to avoid any potential damage, and it seemed to have escaped unscathed (Irrelevant pun alert: my car is a Ford Escape).

Peeking out my side door afterwords, I grabbed some pics before the ice melted. Landwhale sighting in the background!

Out the back door, ice amidst the rubble of leaves.

Weird stuff, man.