Ok, not actually the first sunrise of 2019. It’s January 18th, so there have probably been at least 17 sunrises prior to this morning.

That said, I’m breaking my long (in internet time) hiatus from posting to … post a sunrise.

Not surprisingly, it’s taken at a beach near our home in South Florida.

Unrelatedly, it’s nice to be alive. Amidst all the transient ebb and flow of crypo losses and gains and hype and FUD, none of it really means anything if you’re not alive to enjoy it. Stressing over money (or anything) for long periods of time is not healthy, and if you don’t enjoy it why do it at all? Why do we make our lives so complicated and difficult and stressful?

Find something simple you enjoy and do it. That’s what I’m doing. I need to do it more often. Waiting 17 days before going out to watch a sunrise is silly when it’s such a great time to be awake (with my wife) with coffee, sand, waves and sun.

Anyway. Onwards!