I took almost exactly a week off from Steemit. Mostly because I was on a vacation of sorts to Denver, Colorado.

For the most part, the timing of this vacation was good. There were things I was glad to be taken away from for a week while I enjoyed the beauty and heat and lack of oxygen in the Rocky Mountains.

That said, like anything that changes your routine, it also gives you a chance to objectively look at certain things in your life and what you’re doing and why. It doesn’t mean you’ll make any changes while you look, but at least you become more aware of them.

I’m sure we’ve all been there. You go on vacation for a length of time and when you return you find that everything is more or less the same as how you left it. Nothing really changed while you’re gone. Sure, life goes on for everyone, but sometimes when you return from the fun and excitement of a vacation you want to carry that back to your daily life. You want to see that cool stuff happened while you were gone, and awesome things are there waiting for you when you return.

But nothing ever really changes.

Leaving steemit for a week is a microcosm of this. For long-term steemit veterans (I’m a 1 year ‘veteran’) that make this little social media site part of their daily lives, walking away is disturbingly easy. Steemit doesn’t really have any hooks to keep you playing the game other than the tease of the price of steem. I didn’t feel ‘compelled’ to post while I was on vacation (in the same way that I’ve long felt uncompelled to post on Facebook).

Nobody really notices if you’re gone. You could disappear from steemit and your little bits and blocks would be absorbed into the blockchain with nary a backwards glance from anyone. It’s too easy. If you know people outside of steemit, it’s a different story, but steemit doesn’t create quality connections (for the most part; there are always exceptions).

Plus, it’s mildly depressing to come back and see crypto prices still in the basement, our steem piles still small and inconsequential, and my desire to make an eloquent or insightful or valuable content post teetering on the edge of indifference.

So, for now, I will see if I can fall back onto the horse that is steemit posting, and regain what had been an almost-daily habit in exchange for tiny piles of invisible money.

Photo by @negativer