I admit I was looking forward to @jayna’s next prompt for her ongoing 50 Word Challenge so that I could add a new 50 word block to our Jenga tower that is now going to be 200 words tall.

And now we have the prompt of ‘sea’. It made things tricky since our little story chain is occurring in a forest, but it just means we have to find some creative uses for the word. With this fourth segment, we’re starting to get to the heart of the situation.

Read the previous three, if you wish to find out what’s going on.

Part 1: Lost, by @jayna
Part 2: Searchlight, by @negativer
Part 3: Light in the woods, by @jayna


“Anna? I’m not Anna.” Was I?

The man called me that, hand held out. A sea of memory flooded me.

I remembered now. Anna was my sister. She was gone. I had stood over her body.

I’d been running through the forest, escaping this man.

Oh God, he’s found me.



Photo by @negativer using Canva
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